Wedding Services



Bride Updo  $58+

Individual Updo (Wedding Party)    $52+

Spiral curl/ Half updo   $35+

Bride Trial Run   $30+


Wedding Booking Fee   $100+

Weddings cannot be booked more than 5 months in advance to ensure we are properly staffed.

(Wedding booking fees are to hold your appointments for your wedding day.  This money can be used for your trial runs, wedding day services as well as product.) 


Salon Rental      $100

(Includes up to 3 hours of only the people you want included)

If you choose to rent the salon you can bring in food, drinks, and photographer... whatever you would like. The salon is closed to the public during your 3 hour rental and we do no take any other hair services during this time.  If you do not rent the salon we require one stylist be open for regular clients.


Weddings require a consultation with one of our wedding coordinators.  Please fill out the form below and submit it.  A wedding coordinator will contact you for your consultation.  Weddings are first come first serve based on completing the contract, paying your booking fee and or rental fee.  All steps must be done in a timely manner to ensure we are able to accommodate your party.


Wedding rental fee and signed contract is due prior to the wedding date and appointments will not be made until the contract is signed.  Once the contract is signed no additional changes can be made.  If a change is required and a service is taken away, you will still be responsible for that charge.  If a service needs to be added we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate. 



Wedding Information Form

*Weddings cannot be booked more than 5 months in advance to ensure proper staffing for your event and that details regarding number of wedding participants are set.*

Bride Services:

Bridal Party Information:

This form is for informational purposes only. This is not a contract. This information needs to be as accurate as possible to ensure we can accommodate your wedding size and service requests. The wedding coordinator will contact you after submitting this form.

Are you interested in renting?

Renting the salon allows a 3 hour window of only the bride and her party as well as her photographer and videographer. During this time the salon is closed to all other guests. Rental requires an 8 a.m. starting time. Rental fee is $100.

*We require a 20% deposit for wedding parties which is able to be used for your wedding day services as well as future services/product after your event date. *We do not book weddings more than 5 months in advance to ensure proper staffing for your event.

Wedding Ready Timeline:

6 months out:

  • Confirm your wedding party and the services they would like to have done
  • Contact the salon by submitting you information form

5 months out:

  • Meet with your Blown Away wedding coordinator to discuss your upcoming event and fill out your contract and pay your fees.
  • Schedule your pre-wedding services:
    • Updo trail run- 2-3 weeks prior to the event
    • Makeup trial run- schedule with your hair service
    • Brow Wax- 1 to 2 weeks prior to your event
    • Body waxing services- 1 to 2 weeks prior to your event
    • Massage- 1 week prior to your event
    • Hair color service- 1 to 2 weeks prior to the event
    • Hair cut service- schedule with your hair service
  • 4 months out:
  • Ensure your photographer and/or videographer know when to arrive and that any food or drink has been decided for the morning of your event.
  • Get a light trim and color touch up to plan your wedding day color/style

3 months out:

  • If you are planning to tan/ spray tan test it out to see what you prefer so you are ready for your event.

2 months out:

  • Get a conditioning treatment if your hair needs a little love.
  • Confirm your pre-wedding services and times.
  • Confirm your day of services and times and relay that information to your wedding party.

1 month out:

  • Get your final color, trim, waxes
  • Have your hair and makeup trial runs.
  • Get your pre-wedding massage.
  • Get your final tanning/spray tan services done.
  • Final timing confirmations with your wedding party and the salon.
  • Plan your car-pooling to the salon and transportation from the salon to your wedding site.
  • Check the weather and be prepared with umbrellas, rain covers- whatever you might need in poor weather.